‘Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball’ by Vicki Churchill and Charles Fuge

curlThe book is great for Kindy to Grade 2. Begin with introducing the book, author, illustrator.

“What do you think this book could be about?”

“When do you think the little wombat likes to curl up in a ball?”

Read to the class, pausing at the last work of the rhymes to offer them opportunities to find an appropriate word. As this is quite a simple story, it will not detract from the flow but engage the kids.

After a reading, ask each student to find their own spot and curl up in a ball. Read and allow them to perform Individual Pantomimes. Encourage them to be aware and use space appropriately.

Sitting back in a circle, with Grade K – 1 creat a living picture where students jump up one at a time and act out, then freeze beginning with “Sometimes I like to……. (jump on the trampoline, eat strawberries, ride my bike)”. Keep adding students until a picture is made.

Grade 2 students can do a version of this in groups. They prepare a simple 4 line poem in groups of 4. Each beginning “Sometimes I Like to…..” and all do the action.

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