“Kitty Princess and the Fantastic Frog” by Trevor Dickinson and Emma Carlow

kittyAfter reading the story to the class, discuss the themes and messages. Student will talk about greed, that people are more important than things, being spoilt, being grateful etc. If necessary lead discussion to the fact that the frog had so much fun with a ball, string and sheet – simple, everyday items.

Introduce the props game. Hold up a ball and ask students to come up with different things the ball could be or represent….they will start with obvious ones (soccer ball, basketball) but will get more creative – the world, a giant orange, a head, a baby, etc

Kids then get into groups and are given a basic prop. They have a few mintues to brainstorm different things it could be. When the get up to perform, they have one minute to act out and say as many different ideas as possible.

Older kids can then do the next step. In the same groups. give them a different prop. Now they are to create a short scene where they use the prop in three different ways (to represent other things). Rehearse and present.

A really great one for thinking beyond the obvious đŸ™‚

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