“Grandma’s Week Off” by Helen McKinlay



–       Read “Grandma’s Week Off” to the class. After each double page, lower the book and ask an observational question about the pictures. Kids pick up very quickly that they need to really take in the visual.

–       Brainstorm Grandma’s usual granny activities that come up in the book.

–       Then brainstorm the adventurous things she did in the week.

–       Students form groups and ‘write’ their own version of the book. Each student comes up with an exciting thing grandma could do (that is not in the book), with action. The group then end with something granny like (just as in the book) spoken and acted in unity.

–       Present to the class.

–       This activity doesn’t  need a lot of time for older students. Younger students may need some assistance.

– It is a great activity as it is structured, allows for a variety of ideas and gives everyone the opportunity to perform.

– Use the book to begin conversations about family and grandparents.  You can also ask students to consider their own grandparents and what interests they have. Are any culturally significant? Surprising?


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