“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” retold by Michael Rosen

bear huntGather the kids and read them the book, work on using a rhythm where by the kids will be able to join in easily with the repeated lines. This is a great book to read out loud – lots of sound words you can really play around with.

Then there are a few options….

With young kids (Kindy – Pre-primary): Gather in a circle or group ad re-enact the whole story with actions for each line. You’ll find that if you lead with energy the kids get very involved- very easy to remember what happens -and when you forget, just ask the kids. Ends with everyone cowering down “under a blanket” …….”We’re not going on a bear hunt again!”

Grade 1: Write up on the board:

We’re going on a bear hunt

We’re going to catch a big one

What a beautiful day

We’re not scared

Uh! Oh! ______


We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it

Oh, no we’ll have to go through it


Teach students a simple movement for each line. Then create 6 groups – each group takes a part of the story and prepares a performance, coming up with an appropriate movement for their obstacle: grass, mud, river, cave, snowstorm or forest. Rehearse and then perform for the class.

Grade 2 and above: After reading the story to the class, write the above on the board. Have students create groups of 4. They are to come up with a new obstacle they need to go through. When they have an idea, they tell you – you write it on the borard so no other group chooses that one, then they go off and prepare. Some ideas include: volcano, pile of leave, ice, hailstorm, prickly bush, fire, haunted house etc.

This is a great activitity as the groups are clear parameters, but they have a chance to be creative and have some fun.


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