“Beware of the Storybook Wolves” by Lauren Child

wolvesSuitable for Grade 1 – 4. This is one occasion where I like to use the audio CD available with the book. Hugh Laurie does such a wonderful reading of the book that the kids are completely engrossed. Well worth it. I like to show the book, as the CD is being played.

Afterwards, we talk about the characters and the students’ favourite lines and parts. In groups they are then to choose their favourite scenes and create a series of tableaux to represent the story. This is also called a Comic Strip Impro. Depending on how capable your kids are, give them 3, 4 or 5 scenes to show. They should also choose one word per scene to sum up the main idea. Ideally, it also offers the opportunity for shared leadership. If students are in a group of 5, each student chooses their favourite scene. The group then orders the scenes. Each student then directs their scene – placing students in position, deciding which characters to show etc. They also come up with the word to sum up the scene. The choosing of the word can be quite a challenge as the students really have to think about the main point of that scene/part of the story. By the end of this process, all students have had say, have had to follow direction and memorise the order of scenes and what they need to do. A valuable process.

A simple group activity that uses many skills.

Present and discuss.


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