“Quiet” by Paul Bright

quietThis book has a great audio CD that can be used. The sound effects of the jungle really add to the atmosphere. Play the CD and show the book.  Afterwards discuss the plot with the kids : have them recount the order of the animals who almost wake up baby lion.

If you choose not to use the CD/Audio, it’s fun to let the kids do a soundscape, being the various noisy animals. Be sure to have a signal so they know when to stop and you can continue the story. It’s also a good opportunity for prediction….”Which animals are making the noise next?”.

The class then gets into 6 groups. Give each group a different part of the story to re-enact. This is a good story to do in this way because of the repetition in dialogue and it has lots of characters : Baby Lion, Ma, Pa and the other animals. Each group has a different part : beginning, monkeys, hippos, hyena, parrots and the end.

Rehearse and present.

Another option: if you have access to some percussion, or a simple drum, you can have kids pair up and create a dance/movement for each animal (have volunteers). Talk about the type of movement for each animal.


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