The Very Lazy Ladybird by Isobel Finn and Jack Tickle

ladybirdThis book is from the Little Tiger Press range and comes with an audio CD which gives you a little flexibility with how you can use the text.

This is great for Kindy – Grade 1. Good to start with a warm-up or activity based on animals. I team it with Carnival of the Animals (see other posts). Students gather and listen to the story being read by the teacher – animated voice essential. Students to participate by being the different animals – just a simple movement while they are sitting (or ask for their best impression) and then saying back the Ladybird lines.

At the end of the story put up pictures of the animals that were in the story.

They then get into small groups and make one of the animals. Make sure they are around the room. When they are all set, put audio CD on and children sit waiting for their parts, as the teacher (with a suitable puppet) is the ladybird and travels around the room acting out the story while it is being told.

The strength of this is students take part in recounting the story, creating a representation of an animal and all have their time to shine 🙂


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