“If Kids Ruled the World” by Linda Bailey


This is a great book to explore the idea of “what if?”.  Questions like this provide a great starting point for creativity but also a point of reference for then to jump into thinking really differently. This book in particular, while aimed at younger kids can be used at different levels. With the younger students (Grade 1 – 3) you could either ask kids to create short scene showing an idea or wish they would have of kids ruled the world. After watching their short scenes, you could read the book and see if there were similar ideas. This could then lead onto a living picture of the book and other ideas.

With older kids, it works well to pose the question and have them create a scene showing one way the world would be different if kids ruled the world. Depending on what they present (fun/cute ideas or more thoughtful), the book can be read and then students could have another go where they explore the question again but with an added statement. ‘How would the world be different/better if kids ruled the world”. I’ve seen some great scenes, especially with older kids (Grade 5 -7) who can use their limited but real knowledge of the adult world to explore ideas.


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