“Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas” by Aaron Blabey



For Book Week, I often use the new released books as a basis for drama and, in turn, introduce the kids to a great new book.

I used this book with my Year 2 class as a focus for following structure, learning some simple lines, creating their own version and use of space.

After reading books, I put kids in groups of 4 or 5. Each group then chooses a food group: fruit, veg, meat, dairy, sweets etc.  They then re-create their version of the book. One plays Brian, who offers the others different food…

“Hey, guys would you like some yogurt”

The others take turns to respond each time, and can use the phrases in the book:

“Are you serious, Brian? We eat…..” but they choose a different body part.

I found it a good one for those a little unsure as there is a clear structure to follow, but they can add their own littl bits. It’s safe and allows for a quick performance win.

I ask them to think about where they stand, and to face the audience.

They end with trying the food but then say”

” It’s very nice, Brian, but we still prefer bum!”

With a Year 1 class, I had them sit in a circle. I started in the centre (as a piranha) and the first student walks in. I model raising my hand to a stop sign and saying “Stop it, Brian. I only eat meat”. The student then has to offer me something else (great thinking activity and playing with food groups). I then pretend to try it – gobbling it, making lots of fun noises. The student (Brian) says: “Well,  is it yuck or yum?” I (the piranha replies) “Well, it’s nice but I still prefer bum”. I leave the circle, the student takes my spot as the piranha, and a new student walks in as Brian.

I thought this would be repetitive and boring but at this age they enjoyed knowing they would get a go as both characters. I encouraged them to ham it up and they had to come up with food suggestions not said previously.

And, without fail, every time ‘bum’ was uttered the class were in fits. Go figure! Good fun.









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