Drama Across the Curriculum

Here I’d like to share some ideas for incorporating drama in any subject area…..

These are activities that I have actually done so I know they worked a charm!


Great of Grade 1/2 when teaching the concept of push and pull. To get them thinking about these concepts I first started with objects that could be pushed or pulled without even discussing the concept or energy and work. Here is where the Knife and Fork game described in warm ups comes into play. Create a list of objects where the movement of push and pull can be clearly demonstrated:

– door, phone, cupboard, car, window, rock, kite, washing machine, bed covers/quilt, person etc.

Have kids create these in pairs as per the game. This plants the seed without being explicit.

Then move onto a living picture called PULL. Kids get up one a time and say “I can pull a….” and mime it – encourage the movement and have the repeat it over and over as others get added to the picture. You will find they will probably use some of the ideas that were used in Knife and Fork but this is great as they are transferring the idea to the PULL concept. Then do the same with PUSH.

Next, if time….and you have some space. Put a card with the word PULL written on it at one end of the room and PUSH at the other. Another card with BOTH PUSH AND PULL in the centre. Then call out a whole bunch of things and have kids move to what type of movement they would/could use for the object.

Finally, to help kids make the connection with things in their life, day-to-day, they will own groups and are given a room/area of the house: bedroom, loungeroom, bathroom, kitchen, backyard, shed, etc. In groups they come up with a couple of pushes and a couple of pulls. They can either speak one at a time and show their thing (that would for in with the place – “I push the button of the blender”) or do all of them altogether. When done the rest of the class calls out the area of house.

This lesson worked a treat and made the consolidation of the concept through a worksheet so easy for the kids.

Team it with a Ted Ed lesson online and the kids will be stoked!




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