“All the Lost Things” by Kelly Canby

A text that can be used at different levels with various ages. My first attempt was with a Grade One class. Introduce the book by posing the questions of what all the lost things could be.  After reading the book, take the time to discuss the difference between concrete things (glasses, ball, pens) that can be […]

“The Quiet Book” and “The Loud Book” by Deborah Underwood

This book is simple, lovely and funny. I had “The Quiet Book” for a while and was so excited to come across “The Loud Book”. And then an activity was born. This is a great pair of books to introduce the idea of opposites to young children, and then have them come up with ideas for […]

“Beware of the Storybook Wolves” by Lauren Child

Suitable for Grade 1 – 4. This is one occasion where I like to use the audio CD available with the book. Hugh Laurie does such a wonderful reading of the book that the kids are completely engrossed. Well worth it. I like to show the book, as the CD is being played. Afterwards, we […]