“Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas” by Aaron Blabey

  For Book Week, I often use the new released books as a basis for drama and, in turn, introduce the kids to a great new book. I used this book with my Year 2 class as a focus for following structure, learning some simple lines, creating their own version and use of space. After […]

“If Kids Ruled the World” by Linda Bailey

This is a great book to explore the idea of “what if?”.  Questions like this provide a great starting point for creativity but also a point of reference for then to jump into thinking really differently. This book in particular, while aimed at younger kids can be used at different levels. With the younger students […]

“Friends” by Eric Carle

  This is a great self contained lesson with a focus on friendship and has the lovely surprise of kids finding common ground with classmates.  Lovely for kids in PP – Grade 2/3. I begin this lesson with some warm ups, getting kids to move around and working with lots of different people. Face to […]

“The Greedy Triangle” by Marilyn Burns

This is a wonderful book to use in a cross-curricular context when teaching kids shapes and basic geometry. It particularly introduces students to new, correct names for shapes. This broadening of their vocabulary is another learning outcome from simply enjoying a clever story and then playing with the story through drama games. A common technique before reading […]

“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff

This has been a household favourite for many years, and eventually I decided to test drive the following activity with my daughter’s pre-primary class. It went down a treat. This is a good one to link in with a food type theme, as well. This one has a little prep work.  Create little cards with […]

“Shoes from Grandpa” by Mem Fox

Mem Fox is one of my favourite authors to use. She comes from a drama background and I think this shines through in all her books. There are so many ways you can use Mem Fox books to introduce your students to drama, language and patterns. This book is great in getting kids to get […]

“Cleversticks” by Bernard Ashley

This book embraces the idea that everyone (even little people with fewer life experiences) is good a something. It is also a great multi-cultural text, as it’s clear through the pictures, names of children and the teachers that various cultures are represented in this class. I have used it most successfully with PP – Grade 1. […]